Tap is everything.

Welcome to Tap Shop, a unique studio for tap dance. (Think “shop” like “workshop.”) We are located at 17 E. Tulane Road in Clintonville.

Our programming is focused on music-driven tap instruction and practice, rooted in the style of rhythm/jazz tap dance. We provide space for adult dancers to freshen up and expand their technique, explore musical concepts, learn to more deliberately connect sound and movement, hang in rhythmic community, and grow into their personal voices as tap dancers.

Lauren Squires’s approach is informed by her 30+ years of tap dance training, performing, educating, soul-searching, studying, collaborating, learning… One of our goals is to expand people’s understanding of what tap dance is, so if our offerings look a little “different”–that’s good! Rest assured that in all of our classes, you’ll be moving and grooving, singing and swinging!

Make sure to follow Tap Shop on Instagram or Facebook to get updates about pop-up and other new classes! @tapshopcbus – You can also email Lauren to be added to our email list: lauren.squires@gmail.com.

Current Schedule

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TUNE and SING alternate Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45. $15.

PLAY happens every Tuesday, 6:45-7:30 (or whenever). $5.

TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS happens Thursdays, 5:45-6:45, $15.

TALKING TAP is our special tap lecture series with Dr. Janet Schroeder! Wednesday in August, 5:45-7 pm. See below for description.

  • Tuesday July 20 – SING + PLAY
  • Thursday July 22 – TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS
  • Thursday July 29 – TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS
  • Wednesday Aug 4 – TALKING TAP
  • Tuesday Aug 10 – TUNE + PLAY
  • Wednesday Aug 11 – TALKING TAP
  • Thursday Aug 12 – TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS
  • Tuesday Aug 17 – SING + PLAY
  • Wednesday Aug 18 – TALKING TAP
  • Thursday Aug 19 – TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS
  • Tuesday Aug 14 – TUNE + PLAY
  • Wednesday Aug 25 – TALKING TAP
  • Thursday Aug 26 – TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS
  • Tuesday Aug 31 – SING + PLAY

….. and so on until further notice!

No advanced sign up; just drop in. Pay by cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal. If you want to dance and these prices represent a hardship for you, please talk with me 🙂

Drop-in Class Descriptions

All adult students are welcome in these classes: we believe that people at all levels have something to learn from each other, and try to tailor our classes to who’s there. However, we do have “level” suggestions listed below.

TUNE – w/ Lauren Squires – An hour of tap technique to strengthen your execution and musicality. We practice for efficient movement, good timing, and embodying rhythmic patterns and variations. A great class for those returning to dance, but really for anyone. There will be time steps! [Recommended for those with some tap experience]

SING – w/ Lauren Squires – We choose one “standard” jazz tune and explore it. Working through warm-up, exercises, and choreography, we will learn the song’s musical structure and consider how tap fits in. We listen, we sing, we dance. Don’t worry, these tunes never get old–that’s why they’re standards! [Recommended for low intermediate and above]

PLAY – w/ Lauren Squires – Improvisational practice is where it all comes together the clearest–the music and the dance. This guided jam session gives dancers space to creatively explore improvisation. You will gain strategies for improvising and confidence to use them. We’ll also delve into working from improv to choreography. Come jam! [Recommended for all levels; musicians welcome!!!]

TAP DANCE FUNDAMENTALS – w/ Janet Schroeder – In this class we’ll practice the basics of tap dance—musicality, weight shifting, improvisation—through standard steps and simple combinations of movement. No experience necessary. Wear tap or other hard-soled shoes! [Recommended for beginners]

August – Talking Tap Series!

Tap Shop will host a series of tap history talks led by Dr. Janet Schroeder! All are welcome at this donation-based community series for dancers, enthusiasts, musicians, and anyone who wants to learn more about tap history.
“Talking Tap” is a series of interactive talks about the history of tap dance—for tap dancers and tap dance enthusiasts alike. Guided by Dr. Janet Schroeder, each session will include video viewing, discussion, and occasional demonstration.
August 4: The cultural roots of tap dance
August 11: Tap dance as an “American” art form
August 18: Tap dancestors—a who’s who of tap dance (including you!)
August 25: Tap dance as jazz dance/music
All sessions 5:45 – 7 pm
Janet Schroeder is a percussive dance artist, scholar, and teacher, with particular interests in rhythm tap dance, Appalachian step dance, and body percussion. From 2005-2010, Janet toured the U.S. with music and dance company, Rhythm in Shoes. Today she is a performer and choreographer with Movement Afoot, a freelance clogger, and faculty member in dance departments at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Maryland-College Park, University at Buffalo, Syracuse University, and SUNY Brockport. She is also Scholar-in-Residence at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.
Janet has a PhD in dance studies from The Ohio State University, an MFA in dance from SUNY Brockport, and a BFA in musical theatre from Ohio Northern University.